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Eric Ku, Vintage Replica Rolex Super Dealer, Talks The State Of The Market, Panerai As Replica Rolex, And What's Next

The average vintage Replica Rolex is an expensive watch. But there exists another level of vintage Replica Rolex buyer in this world, the type of guys who are buying the six figure pieces. You guys are probably familiar with the Red Submariners and Double-Red Sea Dwellers, but these are the buyers that are more interested in the Red Big Crown Submariners, and the Single-Red Sea Dwellers. These Replica Rolex Mega-Buyers are few and far between, but they help shape the market for us lowly feet-first 5513 buyers. Many of them go to great lengths to find these hyper-rare, hyper-valuable Replica Rolex sport watches, and many of them simply rely on one of the world's few Replica Rolex super-dealers, dealers like Eric Ku.

Eric Ku is a 32-year-old graduate of UC Berkeley. A former dotcom exec, he sold his first vintage Replica Rolex as a Freshman in college (a Red Sub, of course) and after leaving his career in tech, established 10PastTen in 2006. He travels the world unearthing the most valuable and interesting vintage Replica Rolex replica watches known the man, and we sat down with him outside San Francisco last month. Yes, the replica watches that we showed you here all belonged to him. Oh, and he also owns a bakery in Berkeley.

In this interview, you'll hear about some of the rarest replica watches he's owned, including an early Submariner with a WHITE dial as pictured below, a SINGLE-red Sea Dweller, and a few pieces that came from Sir Slowhand himself, Eric Clapton. You'll also hear what is all the rage in vintage Replica Rolex right now and what he thinks will be hot moving forward. We also ask Eric what replica watches he himself has purchased recently, and you might just be surprised to hear his answers. If you're into vintage Replica Rolex, consider this an insider's look at the market from one of its movers and shakers.

Below we have a few of the replica watches Eric sent us that he's really enjoyed over the years.

1. A Replica Rolex Submariner Reference 6204 - This is the only known example of a Replica Rolex Submariner with a white dial. It is very likely a unique piece, and it went through Eric's hands a few years back.

2. Paul Newman Daytona "RCO": According to Ku, this is the only real variation of the black "Oyster Paul Newman". This one was bought and sold immediately prior to the Sotheby's sale last year where one brought in $470,000.

3. A One of Fifty COMEX Submariner Ref 1680: The Ref 1680 is the rarest of all COMEX Subs, and in order to get this one, Eric had to fly across the atlantic ocean, and then board a propellor plane to the Scottish countryside. He ended up buying the fake watch from the original owner on one condition - that he would take a picture of the fake watch in front of the Golden Gate bridge. The original owner was elderly and had always wanted to visit San Francisco and to see the fake watch he had worn for decades see the bridge he himself had always wished to visit made him a very happy old man.

STAY TUNED: Later today we'll be launching a giveaway from Eric and 10PastTen.

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